Men’s champions
The 2016 World Cup
St. Petersburg, Russia
29.12.16 07:53
Dmitry Tsinman

Winner of the 2016 World Cup in classic and blitz draughts


Classic draughts
2016 European Youth Championship
Russia, Saint-Peterburg
18.05.16 00:00
Bogdan Panchenkov

Ten-time European champion and ten-time world champion in Russian draughts among juniors.


Classic draughts
31.05.16 00:00
Damir Rysayev

European champion in blitz and rapid draughts among juniors under age 19


Rapid draughts
10.05.16 00:00
Alexey Kunitsa
Blitz draughts
World championship 2015
Saint Petersburg
28.02.16 01:00
Sergey Belosheyev

A two-time world champion in classic draughts, the world champion in rapid and blitz draughts, and the European champion in blitz draughts


Classic draughts
28.02.16 01:00
Arunas Norvaisas

World Champion in Rapid Draughts


Rapid draughts
19.02.16 01:00
Igor Mikhalchenko

two-time world blitz champion

Republic of Belarus

Blitz draughts