Chairman’s column

Happy International Women’s Day, Dear Female Draughts Players!

08.03.2017 08:33

It’s always a pleasure to send women warm greetings on this day, but I would like to send the lady draughts players wishes for victories as well, including over men.


Over the last six months, two ladies have proven to be stronger than men in our favourite game of Russian draughts.

Zhanna Sarshayeva won the sixth stage of the 2016 World Cup, defeating all the men and women who took part, which also included grandmasters if I remember correctly. 

Natalya Fyodorova won the Nizhny Novgorod men’s championship in February, beating out 13 men and scoring 13 of a possible 14 points. 

I am sure there are other examples that we simply haven’t heard about. I don’t even know if this is a good or bad thing, but talented lovely ladies are showing us more and more that the fairer sex is by no means the weaker one. And here I once thought that the combination of the ‘masculine’ word ‘grandmaster’ and a female surname sounded ridiculous. I admit: I was wrong!

Dear female draughts players, I know that many of you are currently training for your next big test – the Women’s World Championship scheduled for October. Allow me to wish you victories – both at tournaments and in life. Don’t forget that men, especially male draughts players, are always watching you. And admiring you.

I wish you a wonderful spring holiday, dear ladies, and may you defeat us more and more, dear lady draughts players!