Chairman’s column

08.03.2017 08:33

It’s always a pleasure to send women warm greetings on this day, but I would like to send the lady draughts players wishes for victories as well, including over men.

01.02.2017 09:16

Starting today we are offering visitors to our web site the opportunity not only to read about draughts, but to also play draughts with an actual grandmaster. 

01.01.2017 20:29

Well, we have reached the end of the first year not only of our financial cooperation, but our information cooperation as well. And believe me, a lot has changed.

06.09.2016 19:54

Several of the world’s youngest athletes battled for the title of best draughts player last week at the Youth World Championship in Kranevo, Bulgaria. They clearly demonstrated that Russia has a plethora of resources in which it really needs to invest.  

13.07.2016 18:59

Russia and the world are actively discussing the UEFA European Championship that just wrapped up in France. I understand why this particular sport is so popular. I love football! But the results of the Russian national team that we saw there on an international arena are discouraging. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Russian fans regularly switch on their televisions only to see… an abomination.

18.05.2016 21:02

I am confident that Kyrgyzstan will get a national draughts federation soon. Moreover, I discussed this issue with International Draughts Federation (IDF) President Vladimir Langin. He is willing to help, so now all we need to do is find a person who can handle this issue at the local level.

14.04.2016 00:00

Ten years ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with an incurable disease. It all happened so suddenly and cruelly – the doctor who examined him even ‘switched on the meter’ and told him he had three months to live. ‘Six months maximum’, this medical death sentence proclaimed.

11.03.2016 01:00

I read the news regularly and almost never see any articles about draughts tournaments. You would think that people in Russia and other countries play all kinds of games and enjoy all sorts of sports – from football and boxing to chess and even poker – but do not play draughts at all.