21.10.2017 12:28

The first board quick programm's third round of the world Championship in checker-64 among women  - champion of Moldova  against champion of Belarus.

02.03.2017 09:10

The 2017 Lithuania champion studies software engineering and doesn’t spend much time on draughts. But she likes to play and she’ll prepare for the women's world championship.

09.02.2017 09:20

President of the Estonian Draughts Union and founder of the Tabasalu Draughts Club Tarmo Tulva comments on the development of Russian draughts in Estonia.

11.01.2017 08:32

More interesting openings, less “dreaded” openings and only 745 of them. International grandmaster Dmitry Tsinman describes his new table of openings.  

24.05.2016 08:04

Russian Draughts Foundation Executive Board Chairman Alexander Gaydukov has appealed to the General Consulate of Italy for assistance in granting a visa to world champion Sergey Belosheyev. This step became necessary due to the difficulties that Russian citizens living in Crimea have with obtaining European visas. 

24.04.2016 08:54

The first round of the classical draughts programme – generally considered the most challenging – has ended at the 2016 European Youth Championship. It’s still difficult to say what the final results are. All the athletes need a chance to unwind and have taken a bus tour of Saint Petersburg sponsored by the International Draughts Federation, so there will be no more games today.

24.04.2016 08:50

The second day of the European Youth Championship in Russian draughts saw tournament participants demonstrate their skills in rapid draughts and affirmed the status of several recent champions while also revealing new ones who did not play their best during the blitz round. The undisputed leaders feel confident and the new stars are making it clear that they will put up a fight. This makes the intrigue surrounding the rest of the tournament even more interesting.

22.04.2016 09:45

The second day of the European Youth Championship in draughts produced a few new champions. Not all of them were first-time winners, though, as some athletes managed to win their second gold medals. 

22.04.2016 09:39

The first day of the 2016 European Youth Championship resulted in champion titles in blitz draughts for twelve young participants, including kids from Russia and Belarus. We spoke with each of them and attempted to compile a collective portrait of the winner and learn what is so appealing about the draughts world, what qualities one needs to maintain their bearings in the tense atmosphere of serious competition as well as how to properly apply all these skills.