Expert column

30.03.2017 08:05

This game deprived international grandmaster Ion Dosca of any hope of securing a gold medal in the main programme of the 2017 Championship of Moldova.

13.02.2017 09:23

Grandmaster Arno Uutma sent us his most interesting game from the Estonian Championship, which he won for the twentieth time. He lost this game, but managed to win the next one.

10.01.2017 10:16

“Stupid piece of metal!” the world champion Arunas Norvaisas cursed at his computer after analysing his game with legendary grandmaster Nikolay Abatsiyev.

23.09.2016 08:12

‘Don’t confuse the increased efficiency in games with creativity or a game on with the actual development of draughts intellect’, Ukrainian international grandmaster Yury Anikeyev says, expressing his position on the intensifying dispute over pairings.