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Grandmaster Dosca’s golden blunder

30.03.2017 08:05

This game deprived international grandmaster Ion Dosca of any hope of securing a gold medal in the main programme of the 2017 Championship of Moldova.


The game described below was the last one in the tournament. Grandmaster Ion Dosca won the first micro match and had the lead just like grandmaster Yelena Skovitina. If not for a loss, the fate of the top gold medal at the 2017 Championship of Moldova could have turned out differently.  

And another curious thing: the opening left for Ion Dosca and Viktor Lungu was a new one from the ‘flying kings’ series. So it’s likely that neither of the players was prepared for it. 


Ion Dosca – Viktor Lungu

Men’s Championship of Moldova

2nd game of the final round of the main programme

23 March 2017, Chisinau


Pairing f2f4 h6a5

In this opening, the initiative is on the side of black, while white has to be careful due to overplay.  


A trap is possible with 1.cd4 dc5 2.bc3? cb4! 3.ac5 fe5 X – an idea from the old book of Alexander Petrov 1827  

1…gh6  2.fg5 hf4  3.eg5 bc5  4.gf2 cb4  5.ac5 db4  6.fe3 

Following victory in the first game of the micro match, 6.ba3 would have been easier with simplifications, but Ion Dosca doesn’t look for shortcuts  

6…ba3  7.cd4 cd6  8.bc3 de5  

Black tries to cause difficulties, otherwise white has an easy game without any problems   

9.ef4 eg3  10.hf4 ab6 11.ab2 ba7 12.ef2 bc5 13.db6 ac5  14.fe3 cb4 15.ed4



An interesting deceptive position – it seemed that everything was in favour of white, but… 


The sacrifice flips its position, but fortunately for white there is still a draw  

16.df6 fg7 17.fe5 gh6 18.ed6! 


18…ec5 19.cd4! 

And once again!  

19…hf4  20.db6 ac7 21.fe7 df6 22.dc3 bd2 23.ce7 ac1 24.ef8?? 

A major blunder that can only be explained by an acute shortage of time. After 24.ed8 cd6 25.db6 it’s clear it will be a draw   

24…ca3! 25.fh6 hg7 26.hf8 cd6 Х


Text and preparation: Yevgeny Kondrachenko

Photo: Lev Godovannik