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“In the second game I managed to come back!”

13.02.2017 09:23

Grandmaster Arno Uutma sent us his most interesting game from the Estonian Championship, which he won for the twentieth time. He lost this game, but managed to win the next one.



Estonian Championship, January 2017


Opening: а3-е5 а7-с5

1.ef4fd4 2.ce5cb4 3.gh4ba3 4.fg5hf4 5.eg3 gf6 6.gf4hg7 7.fg5gh6 8.fe3hf4 9.eg5de5 10.hg3 bc5 11.gh6cd6 12.bc3 bc7 13.ab2cb6 14.de3ba5 15.ed2cd4 16ec5db4 17.gh2?

Bad move. I had long seen the following variation 17.gf2ed6 18.fe3dc5 19.ef4

Bad 19.gf4eg3 20.hf2fe5 21.fg3de7X.19...cd4 20.fd6de3 21.df4bd2 22.ce3ac1 23.ed4cg5 24.hf4ab4З

I found no advantage here and opted against this variation.

For 17.gf4eg3 18.hf2ed6 19.fe3de5 20.gf2ef4 21.ee7df6 22.fg3fe7 23.gf4ed6 24.de5!df4 25.de3=

17...ed6 18.gf4eg3 19.hf2fe5!

White turned out to be bad.


20.hg3de7 21.gh4ef4X

20...ef4! 21.eg5de5 22.hg3dc7 24.gh4cd6 25.gf6eg7 26.hg5fe7! 27.hf8dc5 28.fd6ce7X

In the second game I managed to come back!


Text: Arno Uutma

Photos: Lev Godovannik